Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Imagine if the media covered other interpreters the way they cover ASL interpreters:

Dateline: Washington D.C.

President Obama today met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The meeting is presumed to have gone well, but everyone was transfixed by the bizzare noises coming from one man. Joe Joeberson doesn't look Japanese, but it seems he's fluent in the strange, harsh, overly voweled language.

Pool reporter Fawkes Neuse remarked, "It was hard to focus on what the President was saying because of all the 'gudda gudda ching chong hari guto' kind of noises the interpreter was making. Sometimes I swear I could tell what he meant but it was like there were extra vowels in between the words."

Indeed, this version of "Japanese" sounds like English, but with extra sounds put in between. Whether it made sense or not is up for debate, but it sure was weird to hear. I'll tell you, things I'm not familiar with sure are funny.

Also, there's a blizzard. Buy milk.