Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Idioms Part II Due Out Fall 2015

Update: The book is now available to order and will hit shelves soon! Check it out here: Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research

It's actually called Interpreter's Views on Idiom Use in ASL-to-English Interpreting (Santiago, Barrick & Jennings, 2015) but it is coming out this fall in the Symposium Selected Papers (Vol. 1) from Gallaudet University Press. The chapter is the follow up to the popular Handling and Incorporation of Idioms in Interpretation (Santiago and Barrick, 2007) study that we have presented at conferences and as a stand alone workshop.

The Symposium Selected Papers (Vol. 1) is a collection of papers that were presented at the 2014 International Symposium on Signed Language Interpretation and Translation Research.

It's been wonderful to find a home for the second part of our idiom study. Hopefully those of you who have read the first part, or who attended our workshops will give this second paper a read.

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